Guide to Monitoring Employees in the Workplace in Europe and the Middle East

January 2019

The monitoring of employees’ activities in the workplace is a sensitive and often contentious issue. On the one hand, an employee has the right to privacy and the protection of their personal data, which is enshrined in various human rights, privacy and data protection laws and regulations. On the other hand, employers have a right to monitor their employees to protect their business from abuse, to prevent criminal activity and to ensure occupational safety.

What is key is that employers must have a legitimate reason for monitoring their employees; that the extent of monitoring is proportionate to the need and that employees are informed and consulted on the type of monitoring taking place. But there are important jurisdictional differences that must be understood. In order to help both employers and employees operating across Europe and the Middle East to navigate this complex area, Meritas, the premier global alliance of independent law firms, has produced a Europe and Middle East Guide on the Monitoring of Employees in the Workplace. Our Employee, Pensions and Immigration team produced the Irish chapter (p32) of this comprehensive Guide.