2022 Meritas Emerging Talent Lawyer Exchange – Whitney Moore, Howard Kennedy & Anderson Strathern

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Kelly Kapinos (née Brand) from Howard Kennedy & Jemma Forrest from Anderson Strathern at Whitney Moore as part of a 2 week exchange programme coordinated between members of the Meritas International Law Network..

Kelly worked remotely during her stay alongside the Whitney Moore Corporate Team whilst Jemma continued her work remotely alongside our Employment team. It was a great experience for all of us at Whitney Moore and enabled some insightful discussions and fun with these enthusiastic lawyers. We thank Kelly Kapinos (née Brand) & Jemma Forrest for their contribution and look forward to staying in touch in the future through the Meritas network.

It was a privilege for Whitney Moore to be part of this lawyer exchange programme and hopefully it will continue in the years to come so that we can continue to strengthen the relationships between the firms. It is now the turn of Gerald Quinn to represent Whitney Moore at Howard Kennedy in November this year and we hope that he too will enjoy the benefits of this unique opportunity.